Email Marketing

Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Email marketing can increase brand awareness, re-engage your customers, and increase customer retention. These three results can provide a new revenue stream that increase your business. 

Your New Email Marketing Plan

Skreen Digital will provide you with a conversion driven marketing plan that will build a strong relationship with your clients. Your plan will include:

  • Customer/Client Research
  • Lead generation
  • List Building & Segmentation
  • New Content Development
  • Modern Design
  • Spam Testing & Audit
  • Sending Campaigns
  • Email Tracking & Automation
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Email Measurement and Optimization
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Email Marketing Has A High Return On Investment

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to boost your sales while still being cost effective. Regular Newsletters can drive online and in-store traffic through exclusive deals and sales. A well executed email campaign can boost brand awareness and customer loyalty without spending a lot of money. That is why Email Marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available today. According to Campaign Monitor, the return on investment is an amazing $44 per $1 spent. That is 4400% ROI! It is hard to beat the cost effectiveness of email marketing.

“Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.”
Campaign Monitor

Email Marketing Drives Sales

An effective campaign drives sales conversions. The average open rate for an email is 21.8% and click through rate is 2.78%. The highest rate is Shopping Cart Abandonment emails, with an open rate of 46.6%, click through rate of 28.7% and a conversion rate of 5%. These open and click through rates are higher than those associated with search ads and social media ads. The strength of email marketing really lies in it’s ability to generate leads for your business. Lead Generation boasts a rate of 29%, and a conversion rate of 17%.

When we manage your Email Campaigns, you can concentrate on what you do best, your business.

Outsourcing will free up internal resources. You will be able to focus on the results, rather than the implementation of your campaign. We will handcraft your email campaign to suit your needs. From sales funnels, to managing subscriber lists, Skreen Digital has you covered!